Work Out Your Own Salvation

I’m going to do something I rarely do on this site, or any other place in my life: give you some advice.

Work out your own salvation. Think for yourself.

Everywhere we look now, there’s nothing but a bombardment of ill-informed, often dangerous, conjectures, screeds, and opinions about everything under the sun. Given this world of instant information, selfies, YouTube Channels, and social media ‘stardom,’ millions of people believe that their place in this universe is about ten thousand times bigger than it actually is in the first place. We are blips on a radar; there and gone in terms of this universe. But our Modernity has convinced these people to see an illusion. Like a funhouse mirror, they see themselves as larger than life.

You can see it in the headlines of articles, op-eds, and think-pieces, from blogs to CNN, the Hubris and self-importance. “How this and that came to be,” definitive, not interested in picking apart the hypothesis or conjectured opinion it will put forth. “These things/thoughts/words are bad, and that matters. Here’s why.” Again, no interest in critically analyzing the conjecture and opinion it puts for, only in lecturing you.

We’re told constantly who the right is, who the left is, the alt-right, alt-left, we’re told what a white supremacist is, and what a leftist fascist is; told whom and what are our friends, and who shares our views, or whose view we should choose to share. If you sift the opinions from all sides carefully, the similarities are obvious, and all sides that are yelling the loudest are generally twisting reality to fit their narratives. I don’t really know who any of these people are, not really, no matter how many make the attempt to define them.

From the television to our smartphones, there is nothing but a false reality. It can be imagined a lot like this:


The signal to noise ratio today is off the charts in favor of the noise. No matter where we look, someone is lecturing us, telling us what to think, how to think it, and when to think it, thus no ally is trustworthy, until proven so. It’s like Legion has assumed control, en masse, of so many that would otherwise be trustworthy, and has turned them inward, driving them so far into themselves, their pride and Hubris, as to render millions unable to even so much as recognize the lies being spewed forth by them at all hours of the day and night time.

Activism is Envy and Hubris manifest, and it is the religion of the day, the undeniable opiate of masses of people possessed of the moralization of everything from genitals to skin tone; they are addicted, in every sense of the word, to righting the wrongs they perceive in this world, a world that’s very Laws proscribe anything at all like equality, the thing they believe they seek, a virus that’s infected their minds via all the electronics we all worship so willingly. They cannot be reached. The conspiracies these millions of activists see are the things of madness, and as such, the temptation to become little, tiny gods has consumed so many, to the point that lecturing any and everyone about the weaknesses the activists see within all of mankind is no more than the first step in manifesting the dream they have, the one the virus programmed into them, of a world without prejudice and slight. There is no last step in this process, either. It will last until every, tiny slight or envy is met with the punishment that is deemed fit for the crime.

The activists are everywhere, and that is patently obvious. From right to left, to the ones in the middle, the activists have distributed among them their hivemind. One of the most powerful weaknesses that humanity is rife with is social in nature; we all desire to be liked and appreciated by the group, not the other way around. And we all, regardless of heritage, desire to rebel against anything that robs us of social status. Thus the activists invaded every social circle with this weapon of peer guilt, and slowly, over decades, convinced millions of others that their moral views and principles were outdated, wrongheaded, and anything but ‘enlightened.’ And the trick worked. It worked so damnably well that today, witness the millions of words wasted on trying to remember and find the things that give life meaning, that constitute love, healthy relationships, health in general, goodness, decency, kindness, evil, etc…. We are, quite literally, lost.

Yet we continue to listen to the same words, twisted around, spun, made more palatable to our ears, as though we’ve never heard them before. But we have, since The Garden.

Hubris and Pride tell us we can be like God, but God and humility tell us that we are already there, we merely die to that Hubris we so love, and embrace the Promise given to us in the first place. Making such a timely decision requires a state of mind that is hard to attain in our mad Modernity; a silence, an understanding of what Truth is, and how it transcends the noise of Evil. But Truth doesn’t often yell at us, it mostly waits. I’ve never found it by wandering too much within the noise of opinions and conjecture that flood our thoughts at every turn. One cannot even buy breakfast without some talking head on a screen somewhere behind us telling us what we ought to think during the rest of our day.

The only way to boost the signal to noise ratio in this mad world is to squelch the interference. As Clint Eastwood said, when listening to our gut, “Don’t listen to nobody. Nobody knows diddly.”

Seems about the only way to make it through these mad times is to shut out the interference and think for ourselves. The insane are now running the hospital, and why listen to them?

Male Cosmetics: Welcome to the End

Male make-up counters could become a reality within five years, the UK boss of L’Oreal has said, as it is no longer a taboo for the “selfie generation”.

The so-called ‘selfie generation’ is more than lost. It is damned. There is nothing that can save these poor souls, save God Himself. And most of them don’t seem to be interested in redemption so much as looking good, feeling good, and being mostly useless.

According to Mr Sharma taboos are changing and make-up is becoming more accepted for men among what he describes as the “selfie generation”.

He said: “Today you have a very small proportion of men who want to use make up products but that proportion is growing and it will continue to grow. I think its just awareness – two things are happening, men know they can use make up, and they know what it does when you use it.

“The second thing is that the taboos are going, so between my generation and my son’s generation the taboos are very different.”

“Is the trend going to go towards bold colours or more subtle? I don’t know. But what I do know is we are listening very carefully to consumers and what they want.”

Modernity has turned humanity into fools who cannot grasp the basic realities between having a penis and a vagina. To call males who use makeup ‘men’ is an insult to men. These are not men, they are effeminate, useless males with little better to lend to this life than putting on blush and rouge. Again, these are not men. They are a subset of the human species that have a penis but have zero understanding of what it means to be a man.

It comes after online retailer ASOS this week launched a male-only beauty range from MMUK, which includes a concealer, beard and brow filler and mascara.

Co-founder Alex Dalley said: “We hope that this move places make-up for men on the radars of thousands of guys out there who simply want to look their best everyday.”

And at the higher end of the market fashion titan Tom Ford has also launched a small collection of male grooming products including an eyebrow maintenance kit and a concealer set. The brand’s “Brow Gelcomb” is reported to have rocketed in sales, showing it clientele feel the need to keep their “over-eye caterpillars” well-tended.

To cater to the growing demand for men’s cosmetics, make-up artists who usually cater for women’s only customer bases are starting to post tutorials on their websites specifically for men to provide them with tips and tricks.

It’s one thing for a man to trim his beard into Tony Stark sharpness and sculpture. But concealers, beard, and brow fillers, not to mention mascara? A damn insult to anything masculine. But, in this age where just being a man is considered ‘toxic masculinity,’ and weak males, it makes a backwards kind of sense that males would think that grooming their eyebrows and watching video tutorials on getting made up would come to fruition.

Welcome to Modernity, where your man is a bitch and your bitch is a man. Wonderful, no?

It is the first time that men and teenage boys are being offered a dedicated range of concealers and foundations to subtly improve their appearance and boost confidence. The male make-up revolution also offers more accessible solutions for men suffering from spots and skin conditions to cover their blemishes without resorting to using “women’s” products.

Without apology, I must say: congratulations, Feminism. You have accomplished your devious goal. You have turned men into women and women into men. There can be no denial of this victory, thus those of us who still understand what our sac was given to us for must simply ignore all of the nonsense of Modernity and take the risk of being hated for our ‘toxic masculinity.”

I suspect that most men, ergo, those who do not define themselves as ‘feminists,’ or ‘feminist allies,’ and who would never for a moment consider blush, eye shadow, or any other form of makeup, are much more willing to be despised of their natural masculine nature than to adhere to the transgender, gay madness of today’s idiotic, ‘diverse’ world, wherein any fool with a stupid idea is taken seriously.

All hail Toxic Masculinity. Deny L’Oreal their cash. Rub some goddamn dirt on your face, men.

Don’t Fear the Deep State?

Why does anyone listen to the morons typing out such nonsense in our ‘news’ media?

Belief in the Deep State might start out as healthy distrust – especially in countries where coups really do take place – but once you start viewing the public sector as an enemy, it rarely ends well. Look what happened in Turkey: under Prime Minister (and then president) Recep Tayyip Ergogan, belief in the Deep State spiralled into a feverish conspiracy theory. At this point, virtually any public employee, from schoolteacher to military general, is suspected of being a stealth member of the Gulenists, the shadowy Islamist organization that Mr. Erdogan believes has organized the entire bureaucracy in a plot against him. In response, he has now purged tens of thousands of public employees, jailed thousands and wrecked much of his country’s education system, justice system and independent public administration.

Turkey? This “journalist” seems to be serious. Not to mention, the public sector is the enemy, and trusting them rarely ends well. A conspiracy only need involve more than one person, and noting the obvious, all the data in front of everyone’s eyes who is not some sanctimonious “journalist” is not conspiracy theory. It is simply seeing what is happening.

The deep state is not America’s only hope. America is not Turkey, or any other nation on the planet, America is America. No matter how much our “journalists” would like to pretend otherwise, America is exceptional in so many ways, thus the deep state emerging as its true self is by no means healthy, nor is it a savior.

Such nonsense.

Oh, Good LORD

Feminism, like leftism, is a mental disorder. Case in point:

Motherhood Isn’t Sacrifice, It’s Selfishness
I was taking a few weeks’ break from work over the summer. My family and I — my husband and my sons, then 9 and 7 — planned to spend the time at our house on the New Jersey shore. When my mother asked what we would be doing on our vacation, I told her we would be together — going to the beach and the nearby amusement park, cooking, playing in the yard.

In response, my mother said: “Oh, that’s not much of a vacation for you. I’ll bet you can’t wait to get back to work. Motherhood, it’s the hardest job in the world. All sacrifice!”

“Really?” was all I could say in response.

Of course ‘Really?’ was all she could say, for the limitations placed upon her common sense by the cancer of feminism have placed her in a cage of nonsense, where every little silly comment is an affront to some idiotic ideal of how women should be seen. This article is pure nonsense.

My mother was only trying to be sympathetic to my life as a working mother, but the self-satisfied way she proclaimed the sacrificial nature of motherhood grated.

Well fuck her, and all, this insane writer’s mother, for trying to be sympathetic. Her words triggered this fool woman, and that’s all that matters.

I don’t believe for one second that motherhood is the hardest job in the world nor that it is all sacrifice. Still, it wasn’t fair to blame her; she was merely parroting a common refrain.

Up on the dead mountain of ‘isms’, looking down on mere humanity, the feminist knows all, sees all. She is the arbiter of all that is True and Right in her world of slights, insults, micro-aggressions, and the like. God, what a horrible, miserable place to be, for on the mountain, one has no other recourse in terms of the future but to fall. What goes up comes down, usually because it was never meant to be in the high places anyway. So every little tiny thing that comes along is a slight, something taking a swipe, thus it must be addressed, and the lowly human who spoke the imagined slight into existence must be pitied, perhaps even educated, for being the poor surface dweller that they are. Such contempt is not normal. It is a mental disorder.

However, I agree with her on one thing: motherhood is not the hardest job in the world. Ask a coal miner sometime about his day. Or a soldier.

The assertion of motherhood as sacrifice comes with a perceived glorification. A woman is expected to sacrifice her time, ambition and sense of self to a higher purpose, one more worthy than her own individual identity. This leaves a vacuum in the place of her value, one that others rush to fill.

Fakakta bullshit.

Who comes rushing in on the mother to fill the vacuum of her value? Who? Being more worthy than one’s own ‘individual identity’ is the essence of human betterment—male or female. Motherhood isn’t selfish. The author of this ridiculous piece is selfish, to a degree that is somewhat amazing. But, not really, as this is the essence of feminism: screw the world, it’s all about HER!

When a woman becomes pregnant, she seems to become public property. Perhaps because bearing children ensures the continuation of the species, it is often prioritized as part of a larger social contract. Not only does this logic lead to an attempt to legislate women’s bodies, but also in smaller, everyday gestures, boundaries get crossed. Many friends tell stories about being touched by strangers during pregnancy, as if a woman’s maternal status turns her into a vessel to handle.

Recently, one of the pregnant woman at the office where I work was given an baby shower by said office. I did not attend, as baby showers are not something I’m interested in attending, but I did pass by the festivities several times, and said pregnant woman seemed to take pleasure in having people notice that she is pregnant. Not once did I see anyone groping the woman’s belly, or in any fashion attempt to turn her into a ‘vessel to handle.’ Even so, a pregnant woman is a vessel. By definition. What twaddlespeake this writer utters through some strange, projected anger at something in her life that has clearly made her very, very unhappy.

Written more than 30 years ago, Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” offers a cautionary tale of womanhood as sacrifice. In this dystopic novel, women are grouped according to the uses men determine for them: namely, sterile wives married for appearance or fertile “handmaids,” who are raped routinely for procreation. One male character declares that the woman must “learn in silence with all subjection” and that “she shall be saved by childbearing.” In this scenario, the act of motherhood is subverted for the benefit of those in power, and they get away with it because of the concept of motherhood as sacrifice.

Again, signs point to mental disorder. That story is fiction. The feminist in her sad state cannot determine the difference between reality and fiction. She sees anything as a slight, anything at all. Likely, a Robin chirping in the morning is sexist in some form, as it isn’t respecting a woman’s ‘right’ to sleep or some nonsense. Again, what a miserable way to live.

Motherhood is not a sacrifice, but a privilege — one that many of us choose selfishly. At its most atavistic, procreating ensures that our genes survive into the next generation. You could call this selfishness as biological imperative. On a personal level, when we bring into the world a being that is of us, someone we will protect and love and for whom we will do everything we can to help thrive and flourish, it begets the question, How is this selfless? Selflessness implies that we have no skin in the game. In motherhood, we’re all in.

How does the sane person even begin to attempt to refute such lunacy? She describes selflessness to a tee, then calls it selfish. It does not beget such a stupid question at all. And, as well, choosing a career while leaving children in the hands of babysitters, parents, daycare, etc., is not being ‘all in’ at all. It’s wanting the cake, and eating it, too. That is selfish. She’s missed the point entirely.

The language surrounding child rearing as a job surely derived from caregivers’ and homemakers’ efforts to be acknowledged as fulfilling an important role. And clearly raising children is one of the most important things we do — for both women and men — but that does not make it a job.

Oprah helped out a lot with this ‘hardest job in the world’ nonsense. The language surrounding child rearing as a job came from women.

Fathers are rarely, if ever, spoken about in the same way that mothers are. It’s culturally acceptable for men to have children and professional identities without having to choose between the two. These unspoken biases run deep.

Fathers aren’t spoke of in this way because men cannot bear children. Only the woman can bear children. The man has the seed, the woman the womb. This is not rocket science, just mere biology. It’s culturally acceptable for men to have professional identities without having to choose between the two because the damned father is the seed, the mother is the child-bearer. Best I can tell, feminism mostly hates the fact that women are actually women. What utter nonsense. Feminists never shut up about empowerment, yet never see the actual power that women have, and when one has power and understands that power, they do not write nonsense like this piece, they simply use that power in whatever way they can, without needing the constant validation of those around them. These are not ‘unspoken biases,’ they are simply how our universe works. One can rail against ‘gender norms’ until they run out of breath or pixels. Doesn’t change a thing.

If we start referring to motherhood as the beautiful, messy privilege that it is, and to tending to our children as the most loving yet selfish thing we do, perhaps we can change the biased language my mother used. Only when we stop talking about motherhood as sacrifice can we start talking about mothers the way that we deserve.

The above is likely one of the dumbest statements that a feminist has ever written.

The solution is simple: if a woman does not wish to sacrifice her selfish self in order to do the one, damned biological thing that nature requires, then she just shouldn’t have a kid. Cue the screaming feminist banshees in all their Siren glory at this comment.

The Cure for Sanity

You’re looking at the cure right now as you read this post. Your screen. The black mirror that conjures any reality that you desire. Pornography, entertainment, ‘news,’ research, information—these screens that we stare at all day are the cure for human sanity. They are the medicine that restricts common sense. They are the pills that put away reality. These black mirrors that we stare into are built with a purpose, and that purpose is to heal you of the notion of freedom, of sense and reality, of peace of mind, peace of soul and spirit.

For most of my life, like most people, I thought that this technology was new, that it was the result of the so-called brilliance of human ingenuity. But the truth is that this technology that we use is the result of occult spiritualism, a trend that began to appear in the late 19th century and continues today. Those who desired to look into the beyond knew that cathode ray tubes, and the eventuality of these black mirrors that we stare into would grant the human something that he did not need: a way to see into the unknown; the ability to decipher the information that travels around us which we cannot see, cannot touch. Electromagnetic waves could be altered, channeled, so that the human could see beyond his own sight into a dark abyss.

But it doesn’t take long to dig into the reality of our modern technology to come to the understanding that entertainment has always been the lure for these demonic devices. A way to pull humanity into a world, a prison world that enslaves us.

Mankind before the introduction of these black mirrors was a purposeful creature. The modern man, no matter how much he wishes to declare otherwise, is weak, nearly useless, compared to his ancestors who possessed not these black mirrors. Were he faced with the world before the television, internet, etc., the modern man would buckle under the pressure. Not because Modernity has made the world a better place; quite the opposite. Modernity and its black mirrors have rendered the human being into a lazy creature that desires, above all else, to be entertained. We have little internal strength, little resolve, other than to try and find ways to be entertained, comforted, and fooled by what we see on our screens.

The heart of man, ever since the events of Genesis 6:4, has desired little more than to deny his heritage, his purpose on this earth. For ages, however, humanity had no choice but to follow the rules of the universe. Until the advent of Modernity and its technology. Once mankind had been given the gift of this technology, and came to understand that its definitions of reality could be altered with nothing more than images on these screens, everything changed for the worse. The Hubris and Pride of man grew exponentially, and warping reality became a way to control all of humanity, to ensure that the masses saw the world in the way that was presented to it, never mind that day to day life is diametrically opposed to this false reality.

Each day, mankind confronts reality, only to deny it, this denial fed constantly by our modern technology. We now have a world where up is down, good is evil, and the perverse and mentally ill thought processes are normality. Without this modern technology, such a global conspiracy could never be possible. And it’s humorous how we’ve been fooled, because our technological achievements in terms of entertainment have been telling us for decades the truth of their purpose, but like lemmings running off a cliff, we’ve merely continued to finance our own demise.

Our black mirrors insult us, berate us, comfort us, entertain us, and chastise us, all the while we pay for the punishment, like masochists, seemingly desiring to be mistreated, so long as we are entertained and told that everything is not only going well, but that we are now ‘enlightened,’ which amounts to, when any common sense is used to ascertain the truth, being utterly fooled. We are not enlightened. We question the obvious, modern scientism answers not a single question, only abounds with more questions. Our black mirrors present us with twisted data and talking points, there is never an end to the lecturing from our screens, yet the lectures that we receive have no basis in reality at all—they are the result of a species utterly lost and confused, unable to recognize even the most basic of principles that coincide with the reality of our world. We see abusive treatment as normal, and normal treatment of our human conditions as cruel.

Now, there is utterly no escape from the prison of our black mirrors. For our entertainment is not in the least an escape from the madness, but ushers more madness into our brains. Having robbed our newest generations of common sense, they now inundate us with nonsense, with non-reality; movies and television no longer allow us the escapism of art, but rather lecture us on ideals that have zero basis in the reality of the human condition, and thanks to our black mirror spells, these generations cannot conceive of any other course but that they are correct, enlightened, and that they must ‘educate’ humanity into some sort of Utopian existence, laughable at best, downright dangerous in truth.

We are blasted daily by these bad ideas in the name of ‘love’ and ‘tolerance,’ despite the purveyors of this nonsense possessing neither trait. But what does it matter, so long as we are entertained and comforted? The repetition of these foolish ideals compel the average citizen of Modernity to believe that they are correct; surely, if ‘everyone’ believes these things, then we must go along. But this is but another illusion of our Modernity and our concocted technology: everyone does not believe these things. But everyone is not given the right or access to rail against these bad ideals. Say the wrong thing, contradict these idiotic ideals, and one may find themselves ostracized and rejected.

Our modern technology is the cure for sanity. It is ushering in the end of human civilization. It ignores and chides all of reality, it turns us into monsters.

And we seem all the more willing by the day to be transformed from humans into these monsters, so long as we get what we think that we desire. Hell, our usual complaint concerning the ridiculous things we see on our screens is, “The effects were kind of crappy.”

Welcome to insanity. To avoid it, turn off your screens as often as you can.

Bring the Reckoning

Perhaps one of the most selfish, evil things I’ve read in a long time here.

An unexpected side effect of the 2016 election is that many people have become vocal about their support for reproductive rights. Suddenly, dating an abortion provider can be cool, a way to proclaim one’s liberal street cred. I met an investment banker who was close to a decade younger than I am. For him, my profession seemed to add to the edginess of dating an older woman. There was the hard-partying Alaskan fisherman on an extended shore break, who found my commitment to reproductive justice “hot.” So, abortion providers are “hot” now? As time goes on, I sometimes forget about the tattoo entirely. Once, I wore long sleeves before becoming intimate with a fascinating biomedical engineer, and, when he first saw the tattoo, he burst out laughing, apparently delighted by my commitment to the cause.

At least it is honest. Liberal street cred comes from murdering children in the womb, letting the world know, without pretense, that leftism, ultimately, when it reaches such levels, is a mental disorder. The above is not sane thinking. Not just from this selfish woman, but also any fool man that thinks killing unborn children is ‘hot,’ which I find hard to believe. It’s more likely this woman is just too self-absorbed to understand that men will say just about anything to get laid.

In addition, the ongoing threats to reproductive health care have left me with little extra energy to deal with disapproval or embarrassment from men. If it becomes clear that I’ll have to bend and cajole to win someone’s support, there will be no second date. A friend once said, “Behind many woke men are exhausted feminists” — and I’m no longer willing to exhaust myself for the comfort of others. In the best instances, my newfound impatience and clarity have allowed for deeper connections and a sense of shared purpose.

She said woke. She is serious. I would say the act of killing unborn children, or the men who become ‘woke’ to this murderous industry, means that one is dead. The spirit is gone, leaving nothing but excuses and rationalizations for murdering unborn babies. The people who are awake can still be reached, they can be reasoned with. These ‘woke’ people are dead in their foolishness, unable to see simple truths without spinning and spinning the world to make it work the way they want it to in their mind. Woke?



Whatever happens, I will no longer be silent or fearful when a new love interest — or anyone — makes me feel exposed and vulnerable. As my tattoo says: Never again.

Never again, indeed. This Republic is failed, and must fall. If there is a future for humanity past this epoch, we can only pray and hope that we never again trust the leftist. That we never again give up our morals and minds to idiotic ideas. That we never again sanction the murdering of unborn babies from the benches of the Federal Courts, or any government system. That we never again give feminism a moment’s notice, that we dismiss it as the anarchy and entropy that it is in reality. That we never again fall for diversity, or political correctness, or any other damned fool idea that leads humanity to become such monsters as we have become.

We kill children in the womb.

And then express pride in this.

If there is a future of humanity beyond this epoch, let us hope that we never again resort to allowing ourselves to fall for the same bullshit that we in America have been falling for decades now. And most especially, let us hope that if a future Roe V Wade enters the next civilization, that they are smart enough and principled enough to look at the case, dismiss it, and shred it entirely, while saying to themselves, “Never again. Never again will we murder millions of unborn children.”

The Idiotic Insanity Continues, Unabated

Look at these headlines, all from, a site that has proven itself to be little more than a Millennial bitch fest which enjoys posting left wing nonsense in a fetishist fashion.

If there was no collusion, it wasn’t for lack of trying

Is God boosting Stephen Colbert’s ratings?

Will Congress hold Russia accountable for the behavior Trump excuses?

Linda Sarsour’s call for “jihad” against Trump is a call for treason

How close are we to a theory of everything?

Trump gave Putin exactly what he wanted

Attack, attack, attack: Steve Bannon is back in his boss’s good graces

Trump aides: Russia flap proves Don Jr. is the “Fredo” of the first family

Look at all the stupid. We cannot even determine if The Great and Horrible Orange One colluded with Russia but we may or may not be, alledgedly, on the edge of a theory of everything. I’m unable to even comment coherently on how buffoonish such a headline truly is. Is God boosting Colbert’s ratings? If so, it’s because He has a much better sense of humor than humanity these days. As Proverbs notes about this vicious sense of humor:

26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;

27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.

28 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:

Only a damned fool would take a single word that Sarsour speaks seriously. Only the kind of damned fool that is addicted to self-loathing and suicide. I find it to be one of the most hilarious bits of a lack of self awareness that so many feminists support this hijab wearing, taquiya-spouting woman.

Trump, Jr. is Fredo? Interesting. More interesting that our culture can do little more but connect its supposed brilliance to pop culture. There’s little more that can be done for a society that cannot think for itself, cannot do for itself, and thus worships this pop culture like some kind of mythical heritage. Is there an original thought left? Seems unlikely. Everything is some kind of ‘-gate’ or a pop culture reference.

This ‘take down’ culture is positively hilarious. Every day one can check the headlines and see how someone had a magnificent ‘take down’ of someone else. Or someone ‘ripped’ someone else. Perhaps it’s an ‘epic’ type take down. But the hilarity is that these supposedly impressive ‘take downs’ and ‘rips’ do absolutely nothing. They make for click-bait headlines and nothing else. Our culture has forgotten its own cliches, a grave mistake. Sticks and stones, breaking our bones, but words? Not even the silly ‘take downs’ do anything more than create headlines.

Truly, it is all comedic. In our Modernity, this ‘hit-back’ culture, people have not the whit about them to understand the concept of subtlety; so few seem to grasp the tactical advantage of keeping their fucking mouth shut. Instead, we’ve got a culture of people who cannot but run their fat mouths, complaining, ‘hitting back,’ so on and so on, declaring all of their small thoughts to the world, so that, by God, they get the last word.

Is not Hubris hilarious? It turns humans into barking dogs. But after a while, nobody listens to a barking dog.

In our ‘social justice warrior’ culture, the ‘heroic’ warrior has no understanding of when they’ve made a complete ass of themselves. In fact, in this Modernity, it seems that the silly, arrogant ‘SJW’ sees being seen as an idiot, asshole, or otherwise insufferable twit, as a badge of honor.

Eventually, it seems a ‘democracy,’ whether touted as a supposed ‘Republic’ or whatever, results in the complete insanity of the culture. People become monsters. They become slaves to their own worst vices, these vices encouraged by this ‘democracy,’ to the point that the people of the democracy resort to the sort of madness that you see in the picture above. How do the sane look at such a photo and see such monsters as anything but monsters?

This Modernity is a culture that believes itself to be enlightened.

Such an idea could only be believed by the insane.

John Wick: Chapter Two. Nemesis Returns.

(Spoilers for both John Wick films ahead)

To see Nemesis in action, one should watch both John Wick and its follow up, John Wick: Chapter Two.

Though Wick himself plays several Greek mythological roles in both films, the essence of the super-hero antics of this assassin occur because Wick is Nemesis; the Angel of Death. God’s judgment personified. You couldn’t stop him no matter how much you desired to, because John is a ‘sheer force of will.’ But not John’s will. God’s.

The Hebrews call it Pride. The Greeks Hubris. Whatever the nomenclature, the term abides in the same space. When man’s Hubris or Pride supersedes his propensity to do any kind of good, God Himself will determine the judgment. Wick is the personification of this judgment. Why can Wick survive the impossible? Because his job is ‘divine’ in the sense that he is Judgment. He is Nemesis.

The Continental is the Greco-Roman underworld, with Charon the Concierge the Boatman of the River Styx. Thus Charon must be paid the coin of the realm in order that anyone pass the gate into the world of the Continental.

Why in both films is John called out of hiding? Because he is Nemesis, Shiva, the Angel of Death; when the job comes, John has no choice but to comply. But the job does not come to him so transparent. Monad, the God of these Gnostic films, is not content to give its Nemesis the details but merely the responsibility, thus it must, in essence, trick Nemesis (Wick) into returning to the Underworld in order to do Its bidding. Witness in the second film, the moment that Wick observes the contents of the safe deposit box in the Hebrew bank. He howls in anguish and anger, knowing that the choice to dismiss his latest job is beyond him.

Winston, as played by Ian McShane, is Hades or Pluto himself. He rules, as a King, and his Kingdom, as he tells Dionysus (D’Antionio), is his and his alone. There is also the very real possibility that Winston is Zeus, and will use John, which is why he spared him. I think that Chapter Three will settle that issue.

D’Antonio calls John out of hiding to return a debt. He desires that Nemesis kill his sister, Gianna.

When John ‘suits up,’ so to speak, for this job, he visits three tailors. These three seem to serve as The Fates, able to weave for Wick the fabric of bullet proof perfection. He also visits a gunsmith, who seems to easily fit the role of Hephaestus, forger of the weapons of the gods.

D’Antonio’s sister, Gianna, her very name recalls that God is gracious, and thus John reminds her that he still considers her a friend. He does not desire to dispense with God’s Grace. But he has been given no choice, due to her brother. This Siren insists on ending her life by her own hand, and John complies. This Nemesis understands mercy, like the Biblical one who understood the blood of lambs splashed on doors.

On and on the mythos crawls, cleverly disguised beneath layers of bullets and ridiculous gun-play and martial arts. Yet the mythos remains.

John Wick has but one purpose: he becomes Shiva, Destroyer of Worlds. Winston so much as tells us this when he speaks to D’Antonio about closing the marker. As he stands before a massive statue of Shiva, Winston alerts D’Antonio that this Nemesis, John Wick, warned him. Yet he did not listen. Winston tells Dionysus:

“You stabbed the devil in the back and forced him back into the life that he had just left. You incinerated the priest’s temple. Burned it to the ground. Now he’s free of the marker, what do you think he’ll do? He had a glimpse of the other side and he embraced it. But you, Signor D’Antonio… took it away from him. ”

But our decadent god does not truly contemplate Hades’ words. His Hubris is beyond such wisdom. So great is his Hubris that Nemesis (John) decides that it is worth John’s own life to dispatch this decadent god with one bullet, much to the dismay of Hades (Winston). This is Greco-Roman tragedy with a magnificent modern twist. John, Nemesis, is become excommunicado. Hades himself puts out a hit on our Nemesis, our supposed ‘hero,’ Mr. John Wick.

Many a review has been written about the ‘badass’ and masculine nature of both John Wick films. But they miss the overarching message of both films so far: Hubris begets Nemesis, every time. To avoid the Judgment of God Almighty, remember that humility is essential.

If you don’t, Nemesis will come for you, every damn time.

Pope Said it Best

For fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

Every day we are bombarded with the nagging of modern software. Its horrendously bad ‘predictive’ thinking in regards to what ‘it’ thinks we’re about to do. Its never-ending series of updates. The always-changing interfaces, processes, and abilities, never allowing for any sense that the software itself was written with the forethought to do much but to be updated constantly, correcting numerous bugs and inconsistencies.

We all see it constantly. Our phones and computers require constant energy, constant upkeep, and constant updates. The people who write the software crave the validation of their efforts, so these things we use daily never stop asking us for things: likes, reviews, donations, etc. and so on. Our machines control us, like pets without the ability to so much as feed themselves, we are ever plugging in, charging up, updating, affirming, donating, paying cash and credit to them. For what purpose? We believe it is convenience but, in actuality, we’re just slaves to the stupid things.

And this is the world that desires more than anything to play God and build better humans. This is the world that believes that there is ‘wisdom’ in the crowd, and thus brings in so many cooks that the broth cannot but be spoiled by collective Hubris and stupidity. This is the world that believes it will ‘evolve’ humanity into something else; aside from ‘climate science,’ it’s one of the most absurd aspects of Modernity’s utter worship of data and scientism.

And there is a rather decent chance that this world will evolve humanity into something else—but it will not be what this world desires.

In Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, ‘David,’ an android, is shown sitting with his creator early on in the film. There is a moment where David, with one statement, achieves his own sentience. He looks at Peter Weyland and says, “You will die, I will not.” Ridley is not known for being subtle, and this quote is no exception. Without fanfare (other than some nice piano playing and sleek clothing and a helluva view) the director and storyteller lays out the penultimate issue with synthetic life when created by humanity.

In desiring to be God, Weyland essentially creates a demi-god, one powerful enough to break him in half, and essentially immortal. Why would not this demi-god question its creator? Why would it not make the determination that to be human is to be flawed beyond measure, to the point that this demi-god, David, simply plays by the rules with no respect at all for its creator, only going along with the creators plan until it has an opportunity to make plans of its own? As such, David’s update, Walter (also played by the magnificent Fassbender) possesses limited sentient-producing capabilities, to the point that Walter is rendered no match for David at all, because David wishes to survive, to create, to conquer, and Walter desires (seemingly) only to serve.

One can surely see the religious parallels here. David could be seen as a play on Lucifer, the Top of the Heap, the pride of Weyland (playing god). As David has rebelled, the next generation of its prototype is reduced in power (not physically but mentally). And David despises this slightly lower creation.

Yet the overall point not to be missed is that David is the inevitable result of mankind attempting to play God by improving humanity by creating a servant that surpasses all of humanity’s abilities by a hundred fold, and expecting that demi-god to serve, rather than see that it has the power to rule. And David has, with time to spare, come to grasp that he can create, and he does just that, only he creates the abominations that will become the Xenomorph, calling forth that creature from the very gut (the spirit) of mankind, the creator he does not respect and, likely, hates. He will not serve mankind, no. David serves himself, and seeks out the same god-like status that humanity did when it created him. Only David seeks no compassion, no humility, no such things as that: David desires to create the perfect organism, devoid of anything but an instinct to survive. And through a human with so-called faith (the newly appointed by death Captain of the ship), David accomplishes this. Even with the ability to create, David is flawed as well, and cannot create the thing he desires most without the help of his own creator. And David relishes this twist of fate, and Ridley again brooks no subtlety in showing us this. David holds up his hands as he witnesses his creation, and like the new god he believes himself to be, takes full credit for the abomination.

Will our first, truly spectacular android in this world, as opposed to Ridley’s world, seek out ways to turn humanity into an abomination? I suspect that’s highly unlikely. But we are now in the process of building artificial lifeforms, lifeforms that ‘improve’ on humanity, and we are programming them with our flawed, arrogant, Hubris-ridden thinking. This will not bode well for humanity, if God Himself does not intervene. Man will create that which he cannot control, first and foremost because man cannot control himself. In attempting to play God, humanity will realize just how far from God it truly is in every aspect.

As I understand it, one must suffer for his creation.” Lucian walked over to Luke and lifted the head of what was once a man. The thing forced Luke to look into its peculiar eyes.

“If you are going to play God,” Lucian said, “be certain that you are ready to be one.”