Modernity is Insane and Mostly a Bunch of Scared Chickens

Leftists, which have successfully shaped the insane narrative that we are all forced to deal with now, wish to expose you. They wish to insult you. They wish to shut you down.

To combat the leftists on their own terms is to immediately lose the battle.

In any fight, one must assess their opponent and without pride or arrogance determine the best method with which to fight said opponent. If one is faced with an obstacle that is larger than them, more skilled in that particular form of combat than them, then it is paramount to make the decision to utilize what is called a ‘force equalizer.’ Think of an ashtray to the temple against a 6’4″ MMA fighter with a bad attitude. Attempting to fight this man on his own terms is a path to pain and perhaps being admitted to a local hospital. You’ll need more than a good punch, you’ll need a strategy, in real time, to deal with the situation

In terms of our current Modernity, peer pressure and desires to be liked must be dismissed in order to facilitate that force equalizer. We live in a fake, hivemind culture. This culture rails against ‘shame’ when it comes to adhering to normality, morality, and overall societal good. It has flipped the notion of shame as such that to stand outside of this hivemind of egalitarian diversity is an act in and of itself that must be shamed. Do you believe that ‘transgender’ people suffer from very real mental issues?

Prepare to be assaulted by shame from the hivemind.

The amount of hivemind fallacies that, to them, require shaming, are endless. To fight them all head on using their own tactics is certain to find you losing the battle. Addressing these issues from the standpoint of this modern hivemind will surely lead quickly to defeat. The only defense is a mind that is prepared and strong enough to dismiss the notion of being liked, or giving two shits or a damn about what others think of us.

Once the sane person understands that Modernity and its narrative is insane, this process becomes much easier. Though this site enjoys targeting leftists, the fact is that many on the right are just as insane as the devoted leftists. Many on the modern right are their own worst enemy, and rightly so, as they have succumbed to peer pressure and status, or turning real issues like forced diversity into strawmen, and, in the case of many right leaning politicians, mere votes. Power often corrupts when placed in the wrong hands, and most of the rightwing, Republican establishment verifies this for us on a nearly day to day basis. Rhetoric from these politicians and pundits most often results in pathetic compromise because these people want to be liked, and they want votes or hits on their op-eds, the end result being the last thing on their minds. They are not, and it seems may not ever be, ready for the real battle that has presented itself in the demise of Western Culture.

Unlike Stark, they are not tired of the ‘liberal agenda’ but embrace it as a path to being liked, being voted back into office, or enjoying the dopamine rush of finding their own compromising and cowardly op-eds and appearances on talking head news shows garnering attention. So few of them have a real heart for the mission at hand, which includes their own demise if necessary to further a useful and bold agenda for Western Civilization on the whole. Peer pressure and materialism have utterly blinded them to their own purposes.

At the end of the day, how much do the thoughts of our peers affect our daily lives, or our own purposes? Well, first, we must define our own purpose beyond solipsistic notions of being accepted into the hivemind. Without that purpose, we are lost and being disliked or castigated has a profound effect on the mind. Once we have found our purpose, then we are able to determine our own force equalizers, and having done so, we can move forward with determination and a heart for our mission, whatever that mission is, no matter the pushback. We can even learn to enjoy pushback and insults, as we begin to understand that friction is one of the driving forces of our reality. Without friction, we could not even stand up. If we are receiving nothing but attaboys and praise for our thoughts, the likelihood of those thoughts having any impact on the world around us is minimal at best, at worst (and more likely) inert and pointless.

Modernity is insane, and has more in common with high school thinking than reality. Popularity in high school was most often due to luck, not guts, and so our Modernity is defined. The insanity that we endure every day is weak and gutless; it has little to no concern about the longterm health of our society but, instead, centers around our own solipsistic notions of caring what others think, and desiring to be liked.

When we do not care what others think, we are ready. But so few of us in this insane Modernity are ready.

We need more Stark-like chutzpah, to say the very least.

Whom do You Worship?

26 I also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;

27 When your fear cometh as desolation, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind; when distress and anguish cometh upon you.

28 Then shall they call upon me, but I will not answer; they shall seek me early, but they shall not find me:

YHWH is currently enjoying His sovereignty. As Civilizations clash, as the Pagan becomes once again the pop, He uses whom He will to deliver His Truths and purposes.

Kek reigns supreme amidst our digital universe. A frog-god of ancient Egyptian lore is talking with and to the denizens of the ‘deep web,’ a ridiculous term coined by this site in reference to the parts of the internet that John and Jane Q. Public have little idea about at all.

A meme war has been raging, as Kek and Pepe the Frog have usurped the underground visual and textual forums. The Moon man who refuses to become memed also slithers to and fro within these circles, as Thoth and Kek/Heqet dominate the circles of the actual ‘resistance.’ While the leftist play-acts at this resistance, these underground circles move beyond their ken into the depths of Egyptian lore, utilizing sigil and chaos magick in order to right the wrongs that globalism, forced-diversity, feminism, and that litany of ideologies based on envy scorch the earth and its traditions. These leftists have no idea of what they have forced these individuals to let loose on our world.

We are faced with an era of a zero-sum game. Can Satan cast out himself? He cannot. For while the worshipers of Kek/Heqet have often admirable–if not more often misconstrued—ideas that drive them toward these newly-digital but still archaic magicks, Satan still cannot cast out Satan. Kek manipulates them all, and in so doing, causes them to change that which is above (in this case, the virtual world of the internet) into what is below, this real world. Do not believe for one moment that magick is not effective, for it is, and YHWH knows this to be true.

Thus He allows these who desire to change the world with meme-magic and sigil magick to affect their will upon the earth for His purposes, and His alone. YHWH is not mocked, and whatever they sow, they will reap. But the harvest is His alone, and He will see to the end result.

The Kek-adherents in this regard serve a definitive purpose: their chaos magick brings about a culling of sorts; as they change the perception of our reality one Pepe the Frog meme at a time, He takes this and explodes it outward, drawing out the Evil that has and will always exist in our world. A spiritual Evil. Primary with purpose. This cancer they call forth is like vampirism: it has a purpose, many-fold, and cannot be denied without a finely-honed set of instincts. Discernment is required to peer through the many layers of irony, hyperbole, Truth, and humor that encompass their ideas.

For the uninitiated, their chaos and sigil magick represent nothing more than funny memes, a smug frog. “Feels good, man.” Who cannot be excused for dismissing all of it as little more than the adolescent ravings of a generation lost, rather, abandoned by their own parents, country, and culture? But to dismiss these memes as nothing more than the sum of these various parts is to miss the whole of the power of Kek to manipulate the minds of those who in their hearts desire that our world, Western Civilization, be righted and stripped of the fallacies of the 20th Century.

Every single spiritual entity is subject to YHWH. All the myriad idiosyncrasies and flaws of the Jews aside, those Hebrew Semitics who encountered this YHWH did, in fact, encounter a Being beyond perennial, beyond human truth. They encountered the I AM and were forever changed, as was the world after them. The West and most assuredly Christianity as a corporate religion believe that these ancient ideas and times are past, and in doing so, lose any and all perspective on our world at large. Modernity’s neuroses demand that anything old must be repackaged or dismissed whole-cloth. This doesn’t simply dilute the truth of the matter, it hides it. Thus the average Westerner hears or reads a word like ‘magic’ and deems it archaic, useless, and the power of the Truth is lost to them, thus they continue blithely assuming that politics, social justice, equality, and a litany of false ideas are what moves and shakes the world. They cannot see that at all times spells are cast upon them, spells that render their own mental faculties inert and moot, so that they are slave to their own anxieties with little notion as to why they are imprisoned.

So whom do you worship? Is it the Egyptian god Kek? Politics? The self? In any case, these are all the same god, and this god is a Destroyer that seeks to end all borders, boundaries, and concepts of civilization if that civilization has the temerity to pretend to adhere to timeless, godly principles that lead to order rather than entropy. For the whole of the agenda of Kek is chaos. Our Pepe the Frog is no proponent of a civilized culture but is, in fact, a harbinger of doom and disorder.

This universe was brought into order by YHWH and not Kek. It was not brought into fruition though the godless notion of randomness, but the opposite of this entropy. So while many cast memetic spells that are clearly effective in changing the cultural narrative, they are serving the wrong god, and recompense will surely seek them out, and judgement of the civilization on the whole will not be long behind.

We worship and cast spells in the name of Kek to our own peril. This is not a god of mercy, and surely we will find this to be true in the coming months.

Feminism: the Actual Oppressor of Women

There is so much nonsense on the internet these days concerning men and women. There are classifications for these various piles of nonsense: complementarianism, intersectional feminism, ‘red pill wisdom’, Greek Alphabet Soup (Alpha male, beta male, et al), male ‘feminists’, on and on they go, with no intention of stopping.

Each of these things might address parts of each issue using pseudo-intellectual blabber interspersed with childish ideas about reality and how to go about dealing with it, but not one of them addresses any of it on the whole, with nuance of thought or any hint of an attempt to reduce solipsistic thinking in order to grasp logical facts that have use, instead of mere ‘facts’ used as Molotov cocktails hurled into any discussion derailing from their core self-pity.

Equality is a lie. It was in the Garden of Eden when the Nachash told Eve she could be ‘like unto’ God. As many men are weak when confronted with certain types of temptation, so the female mind is weak when confronted with this proposal.

Feminism is one form of this broken pathology (what Brett calls individualism). Women attempt to be like men, and in doing so, lose what it is to be women.

This is what the lie of equality does to the species of humanity: it causes self-annihilation.

To quote Stevens again:

She will be an equal citizen, a robot serf who goes through the gristmill like anyone else and spends her life on her career as if she were a family of one for eternity. The smarter she is and the more seriously she takes it, the more likely she will be to never have a family and to never find actual (“true”) love.

The Crazy Cat lady, at some point in our history, became a goal to aspire toward. This is indicative of the madness of Modernity in that far too many today, for no other reason than childish protest in its most useless form, adopt and celebrate being labeled with terminology that provocates and insults dignity (“We are nasty women!” as some Judd noted). This is not limited to feminists, or leftists for that matter. Far too many a shallow Trump supporter adopted the ridiculous label ‘deplorable.’ This is a form of protest, too, and yet it serves little in the way of communicating the nuances that many a Trump voter has in their reasoning for voting for him. To put it in the modern vernacular, “You’re not helping.”

But as Brett notes, a rigid conformity is all that is eventually left for today’s feminist-minded woman. She has no choice and she may very well find herself, like many a high-profile feminist, doing little more each time she opens her mouth than defending the ideology. For these women, there is nothing left to life but the notion of being constantly vigilant toward rights that she already has that are not, in any form, being taken from her by our President or anyone else.

In her search to rid herself of the shackles of some Patriarchy, she’s become a lock-step soldier for a cause that will never be resolved to the satisfaction of the insatiable appetites of ideologies such as feminism. Indeed, there are women today emerging who are, thankfully, pointing out the faults and missteps of these lock-step feminists.

But Modernity has been so successful in its reprogramming of humanity that even these much appreciated articles that often rally for the good of men miss the larger point: there is no ‘third-wave’ feminism, no modern feminism, nothing at all about this ideology that can be limited to or blamed specifically on a time-frame.

Feminism itself is the problem, because it is rooted in a leftist philosophy: envy of being what one is not, and this results in the kind of cognitive dissonance that makes even sensible people celebrate muscle-bound, manly women.

Does this mean that individual women should be disallowed to be muscle-bound? To ask this is to miss the point.

Humanity has exceptional people. This is the bane of the notion of equality. There is no way to avoid it but to twist, lie and cheat the rules. Many a feminist does not see this as the root of her damn-near never-ending (it seems) defensive stance, wherein she must conform even more rigidly to this lock-step ideology as time goes on, and it is not, in fact, men trying to drag her into the muck of back-alley abortions and dressing like a Victorian. Reality demands balance. If it is not given this, it will work hard to attain it. The modern feminist is seeing the wrong villain in her crosshairs: while she believes that ‘social conditioning’ or a ubiquitous but invisible patriarchy is her target, the fact is that it is feminism as an ideology that oppresses her the most. Humans need structure, and reality also demands this, and the rigidity of feminism seems to provide this where healthy, natural structure has been lost. Because it is rooted in the goal of upending natural order, it becomes oppressive. It becomes a god.

Feminism has annihilated the essence of women. It has thoughtlessly robbed them of their true strengths as women and not pseudo-men while simultaneously patting them on the back for their strength. Finding genuine ill-will toward women in the modern office is rare, though our news media works almost tirelessly to say otherwise. Feminism induces a form of mental dissonance that clouds the truth of reality and this is purposeful, because feminism, no matter what ‘wave’ you think we’re riding on, is intent on controlling its own followers.

The nonsense in this world is nigh-on a mile deep. There are millions of confused men and women, boys and girls. Is this some accident of history, some strange side-effect of Modernity?

It is not. This is a purposeful deconstruction of the truths of reality in order to establish control. And it is, for the most part, entirely virtual, located on our black mirrors; phones, TVs, computers, etc. Were we to look away from this false reality for a moment or three each day, it might become apparent that we have all been duped and have fallen for lies. Do you believe in the Bible or other Ancient Texts? Maybe you don’t, but within these stories are contained everything you’d need to know about what we believe is ‘modern,’ and enlightened.

There are thousands, likely millions, of actual strong women. Like strong men, most of these women are silent. They do what they do every day, they excel at it, and they move on without protests or solipsism. Likely many of these women would, in some way, identify as feminists, or at least proponents of equality. But they need no such labels, because they are Realists.

To destroy feminism is not to destroy the power of a good woman.

To destroy feminism is to remove a disastrous ideology that annihilates that power with rigid, lock-step rules, and the exhaustion and frustration of always having to defend that which needs not defending.

Moral Outrage in America and the West

Modernity in the West, America especially but not limited to, has succumbed to the temptation of moral outrage at every turn.

Outrage is most often a signal. The internet is awash with armchair quarterbacks, this site included, that continually pontificate and pound out pixels to such a degree that buzzwords ascend to meme status in nearly no time, thus, this is often referred to as something called ‘virtue signalling.’

It is, in fact, just that simple.

Moral outrage is a signal that the outraged has encountered something that confounds their view of their world; it upends their narrative of how life should work in such ‘enlightened’ times. This conflicts with the sense of comfort that the West took into its bosom and nurtured, making it apparent in a few synapses that reality itself cannot be altered by mere human wishes, thus the response is predictable: outrage. All of humanity has experienced those moments, wherein the unthinkable occurs. Sane people understand that these moments will all be with us forever, because the business of life, in and of itself, is ugly and often brutal.

The West, however, in our so-called Modernity, attempted to conjure a reality apart from the one we live within. One can blame Boomers, Gen-Xers, or even earlier generations, the historically-minded walking it all the way back to the French Revolution, but the outcome is the same: There is a way that seems right to us, but the result is Death.

For the universe itself, subjected to entropy from moment one, seeks nothing so passionately as to rid itself at all turns of entropy. At our core, we understand that our universe will, in the end, experience a heat death: with no more energy to transfer from hot to cold, everything grinds to a halt. Life itself is rebellion. It is not kind, nor is it very often merciful. Those traits reside within the sentient, not the processes of nature. It is up to man to seek out and utilize these traits, because the universe itself deals (mostly) in 1’s and 0’s, and the analog components manifest most often in life, not within the Laws of that universe. Thus humanity is given charge over these traits, their implementation, and protecting them.

Modernity in the West attempted to take a ‘higher’ moral road, though there is none, by deeming itself enlightened, possessing nuance that humanity has never, nor will ever, achieve. We in the West lied to ourselves and believed it, that we could in a positive way alter the Laws of nature and our universe but, though through technology we have shifted the perception of these Laws, we have not in any constructive way reduced the various and sundry pains that Life itself hands to us, simply by the nature of our existence.

There is a debate raging (in part thanks to Drudge linking an article) about immigration. The perception of this discussion is predictably altered by our enemy, news media, into a discussion about kindness, loving thy neighbor, etc.. The problem is that this is an incorrect twisting of the issue. The issue, no matter which side you come down on, does require compassion, something sorely lacking in our outraged culture. One who is human has to sympathize with any supposed ‘DREAM(er)’ who is suddenly being chased by ICE with the result of deportation imminent. To deny compassion is to deny part of the sentience of being human in the first place!

But America, and the universe itself, is built on the Rule of Law. Immigrants, by the rule of Law, are welcome here with proper documentation. But to see the issue with any clarity is difficult because the West itself has denied Universal Law for decades, opting to appease the envious, rather than acting in its best interests, which is to reduce the entropy within its own civilization. The problem is not merely, or remotely, limited to bad legislation, that news media that is our enemy, or even the legacy of our Constitution—the problem resides deeper within, as the West now faces the consequences of decades of denying reality in the hopes of transcending reality by legislating and pounding that transcendence into being. This does not and will never work.

(Actions have consequences, and the West, in all facets, has attempted to side-step these consequences, making mental clarity here difficult—illegal immigration is but merely one aspect of the confusion and corruption that entered America by disregarding consequences)

The West is at a crossroads, all the talk about its end is viable, as America has lost her way, like the West, and succumbed to myriad understandable but horrible temptations.

Will America and the West uphold the Rule of Law while also being more than vigilant in the use of compassion (both for the deported and for the citizens who endure what not enforcing the law has brought on them), or will people in America continue to yell and snark at one another through social media?

The latter will surely occur, thus it falls upon the people who are self-aware, who have a heart for the mission of today, to reflect, to remember what it is, precisely, that allowed the West to rise. Since the West is made of humans, there have been myriad things it has done wrong. Yet the West sought to reduce entropy and solidify civilization through tried, tested, and provably useful methods. It has forgotten these, having fallen for the temptation of solipsistic outrage, signalling its virtues rather than utilizing them. Doubt, fear, and distrust rule the mind of the average Westerner, though this need not be the case. The American who seeks peace of mind should reflect, meditate, and engage himself before looking outward. Turning off the TV is difficult for us Westerners, as we’ve come to rely on that Idiot Box to define our lives. This act does offer many rewards, however, including mental clarity.

Know thyself.

The West has forgotten itself, to quote Stephen King, it has, ‘forgotten the face of its Father.’

The West, indeed America, should be a bastion of hope, a place where entropy and pain are reduced as much as possible in order to facilitate a healthy society, but it is not that. The West has fallen into moral outrage and anxiety, though we here were not given that spirit of fear, but of power, and good judgment. Compassion and kindness must needs go hand in hand with our rule of Law, because that is what sentience requires of humanity. But the universe also has requirements, and it will not be denied them.


Social Media is a Virus

Suppose you walk into a building. It’s filled to capacity with people. All of them are angry. Emotional. Each of them wears their tender feelings on their shoulders like marks of dignity. As you enter the room, you’re asked a question about some socio-political issue of the day. You answer honestly, and the entire room erupts into apoplectic fits, ganging up on you, demanding that you understand that your callous use of reality has upended the atmosphere of the room. You must be verbally punished.

The replies are acerbic and snarky, because knee-jerk criticism is the easiest way to express emotion rooted in cognitive dissonance. It’s a shield that cowards hide behind. Pride drives the creation of the shield. The hive of social media creates few things as readily and often as cowards. At every turn, you’re attacked as though you’d punched a toddler in the face.

But everyday, you go back to that mad, hivemind-infected room and take your punishment.

Or worse, you find an echo chamber that suits you and dig in for the duration, not noticing as your thoughts become less individual, more mob-like, without form and definition. Soon, you find yourself, like millions of others, reacting rather than responding, emoting rather than thinking, and anxiety clouds every thought you have.

Welcome to social media.

Twitter, Facebook, et al, have given the worst of humanity the platform needed to speak their neurotic minds and believe that what they’re doing is important. Like drug addicts, people return to social media for validation constantly. It is ubiquitous now, seeing a modern human staring down at a smartphone when walking in the outside world, driving in a car, or with friends and family. Inside these echo chambers, humanity has chained itself. Modernity believes itself to be free thinking individuals, but few things could be further than the truth.

Likes, retweets, and validation from these meaningless digital rewards affect the brain like a drug. Serotonin and dopamine levels change, and because the human brain is a brilliant, efficient creation, it adapts to these chemical changes, begins to crave them as the habit is continued. The change is largely missed because social media moves fast, and it is difficult to note that a change in brain chemistry is detrimental while the euphoria of validation occurs constantly. Like the virus it is, social media rewires the brain while telling it that all is well and, worse, that the person is becoming more informed about the world around them.

But our digital reality and actual reality are quite different. Given the precision of how our brains work, how the brain adapts to the stimuli it is given, our realities become blurred. The false world of social media becomes more real to us than the tactile world that we live in, to the point that the validation of social media, the rewards to the solipsistic self that easily envelopes us, becomes more important than real relationships, more important than Truth, and reality itself. When the modern human finds himself rolling over at 3am and checking his Facebook or Twitter feed, it’s fairly undeniable that a false reality has taken over.

Still modernity denies the clear danger of the social media hive because it has fallen for the silly and empty lies of diversity, of how social media can spread ‘awareness’ to millions about social issues, how it can supposedly connect those who have previously been disconnected. But it is a false reality, and connections often prove this, as people find that they had distanced themselves from these ‘connections’ for years for a reason. We block one another constantly as we find that this false, digital connection was nothing more than a dream of 1’s and 0’s, useless without the nuance of human reason, something that the social media hive strips from us by overpowering our ability to reason with the very chemicals in our own body.

One has to admit that, as viruses go, social media is likely the best ‘hack’ in human history.

Around these parts, we’ve never had any interest in telling you how to live. Thus, we’ll tell you how we deal with this voracious virus hive:

  1. Short, controlled bursts: Like many drugs, social media can be enjoyable on a controlled basis. We never spend more than an hour on social media each night
  2. How loud is the room? If the hive is on full display madness, we just log off
  3. Is the echo chamber useful? Never. Social media can solidify neuroses nearly as efficiently as TV
  4. Read a book: sometimes, there’s no more healthy option than leaving the hive and investing in a tried and true medium with an irrefutable return on investment

Our enemy, news media, has made notably effective use of our own social media data against us. Years ago, using a tweet or Facebook post in a major news piece would have been laughable. Today, tweets are quoted as major news items. The denominator of news has been lowered to 140 characters or badly-worded Facebook posts. This has increased the efficacy of the social media virus a thousand fold, as social media is given the perception of having newsworthy validity, further increasing the solipsism of the hive: if WaPo is quoting tweets, then surely tweets have measurable importance.

And thus the hive feeds itself, gorging like a cannibal on its own data, regurgitating it endlessly, all the while believe itself to be autonomous. Talking points in op-eds are tweeted, then quoted by more op-eds, then posted on Facebook, the entire exercise expanding outward until the hive is stirred up and moved to false activism. ‘Standing with’ causes while sitting on fat asses on couches, projecting insecurities as reason. Emotions conflated with logic.

And so the social media virus morphs and grows, driving its own host, humanity, toward ridiculous behaviors and ideas.



Obamacare Still Needs to be Destroyed

Around these parts, there is a cold wind that blows. On our other site, Speakeasy(X), the tagline is, “Abandon False Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here.” We ascribe the same motto to this political version of the site. Thus, the outcome of Milo Yiannopoulos’ situation is his to embrace and reframe. We here think he will do just that and he will find himself again the topic of debates. In the meantime, what has Milo’s sordid tale taught us? “Taught us,” is not leftist-speake for how his heinous thought- and speech-crimes need be punished. That is politically-correct speech, and that has no place on this site.

What has it taught us, to put a finer point on it, on the right?

I have no idea what Milo Yiannopoulos said about young boys, or whether he was serious, since almost everything he has said tends to be a mixture of tongue-in-cheek satire, trolling and hatefacts designed to rile the Left. At that, he is a master: he drives Leftists to tantrums that they cannot control, which increases support for the right. But that makes it hard to tell serious ideas from banter.

However, it seems evident that we on the Right need a higher standard of behavior. Making off-color jokes or observations about bathhouse behavior are not grounds for summoning a lynch mob and crucifying the offending person; in fact, nothing is. We men of the West stand for rule of law and decisions made by our best people, not a reckless mob smashing lives and reputations.

(Emphasis mine)

What Brett points out is something that has been needed saying for some time. The right has, in many instances, bought into the notion of fighting fire with fire. In itself, this adage makes sense from a broad perspective. If one is a Forestry Ranger, the sentiment is not lost. However, an astute and perceptive Forest Ranger knows precisely when to not fight fire with fire. Such is the plight of the right at this point: nuance is often ignored; case by case deduction has, more often than not, given way to the fight fire with fire mentality, which results in the easily disseminated but not always useful turn of an Obama phrase, wherein we should ‘punch back twice as hard.’

The trick here is not to succumb to the tactics of the enemy. The enemy of any Constitutional Republic (i.e., not a Democracy, despite all the op-eds that conflate the two) is the Left. There are reams of historical data to back this truth, and if you’re of the mindset to comment, “Needs citation,” about this, we here suggest you start with Google. As no more than a Wikipedia-like basis, then go back to the classics and find even more historical spine for this truth.

The Left would have the Right believe that the only viable solution to the problem of the Left is to accept and adapt their tactics and use them in kind against them. Witness how, before President Obama, few knew about the work called Rules for Radicals. Like a well-intentioned but incorrect meme, the Right began to take on many tactics laid out in this silly but useful work. But this book calls for destruction, not reconciliation. It cries out in the voice of Envy and Spite. Again, let us quote Steven’s words:

We men of the West stand for rule of law and decisions made by our best people, not a reckless mob smashing lives and reputations.

The Right should not interest itself in destruction but instead building up. Of course, this does not mean kowtowing to politics and the modern narrative. What it means is that the Right must divorce itself from both the notion of a Rules for Radicals set of tactics and having any interest in allying with any and all Leftist ideas. This requires that the Right, specifically those with the real heart for the mission at hand, study to show itself approved, and discern its own reasoning and rationale behind the principles that it endorses.

Being provocative is no substitute for substantive and nuanced thinking. Though Milo should never have been lynched for this non-existent accusation (we here have watched him on many occasions, despite disagreeing with his homosexual lifestyle, and have found the accusations of both the mainstream media and Breitbart to be fictitious broadening of a mere slip of the gay tongue), Obamacare still needs to be dealt with, as do immigration issues, economic issues, and a host more. Thus, the Right cannot afford at this moment to spend too much time up in arms about a gay man that the Right put entirely too much faith into on the outset though that faith will very likely pay off, as Milo will undoubtedly survive his fall. At the end of the day, however, if the Right is content on provocateurs to promote its agenda, the Right will fail.

In the meantime, the Right has to be more focused. It has to hold itself to a better standard. The Milos on the right are the machete to the forest of political correctness. But emulating them is superfluous; something like emulating a bulldozer once it has laid waste an old, condemned building—bulldozers serve a purpose, but without clear-thinking engineers and construction workers, the new, better establishment would never be built.

Liars and Terrible Tacticians – Updated

Those who are not pathologically obsessed with the man’s supposed faults promoted by news media constantly and can actually hear what Donald Trump says can grasp the scope of what’s happening in our nation—and it’s far beyond any silly dreams of Russia being able to basically turn our own shower from hot to cold from some room in Moscow.

There is a war going on. A cultural, political, and spiritual war going on as people of America come face to face with the consequences of decades of poor decisions. No matter what your view of him is, Donald Trump is setting himself up to win this war from his pulpit, from his vantage point.

During the press conference he held, if you are sane, you watched a man own an entire room for the duration of the very long conference. He pointed out what he sees, how he sees it, and exactly who the culprits are in each scenario. Is he lying? Was everything he said in that press conference the carefully crafted sales pitch of a brilliant salesman? Highly unlikely, unless his prowess is to the point of being able to control even his own natural body language during lies, but possible, nonetheless.

The news media and the vehement anti-Trump people miss the entire point of the press conference and Trump’s control over it—whether or not they have anything on him that could be proven to be entirely true in terms of all of their accusations, during that press conference, they were met with a superior foe who directed every moment himself.

At this moment, if you are shaking your head and wondering how I could be so blind as to not see him as the charlatan that you do, you’re missing my point. I see precisely who Trump is and how he works. The average anti-Trump American, as well as the news media, knows nothing about how Trump works because they’re paying attention to the wrong things. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has been pointing this out for ages—that Trump is, indeed, a master persuader. This is not to comment on the truth of his words, but that his tactical prowess in terms of controlling the narrative wherever he is is substantial.

Not only is the current news media a group of whiny, spoiled liars, it is a terrible tactician. Eight years of truly being endeared to the previous President made them soft. Obama, too, was and is a master persuader, but the news media happened to mostly agree with him, thus the news media became lazy. Since the news media decided Trump quoted Bane, let’s actually quote Bane from The Dark Knight Rises:

Peace has cost you your strength! Victory has defeated you!

Welcome to the wages of the sin of becoming soft, easily-led sycophants, news media. News media got the President it wanted, then it proceeded to sit on its fat ass and enjoy the moment, forgetting that the terms end at 8 years.

Along comes Trump, whom they openly despise. Thanks to their laziness and abandonment of solid, journalistic principles, the news media has made one idiotic tactical move after another, each one playing into Trump’s hand. It went so far after today’s press conference to them doing precisely what he told them they would do. Was he making a statement of prediction, or was he actually telling them how to act and they followed suit?

They sure as hell don’t know, neither does the average anti-Trump American. Not one of them heard him as he stated that part of his intent was to encourage them to report fairly, and that their ratings would go up. This kind of verbal maneuver is that of a skilled man, not the moron that news media and anti-Trump Americans think the orange one to be from their standpoint. Instead, in another move of tactical stupidity, the news media shouted out in hyberbolic nonsense articles not long after the conference that Trump attacked them, humiliated them, and these things he surely did, and that to do such was ‘not funny’ and ‘un-American,’ again missing the entire point of the whole spectacle that not the news media, not CNN, but Donald Trump put on today, displaying that he—whether lying through his teeth or not—is a far better tactician in this war than our spoiled media.

Witness their reactions since. The news media has no idea what to do with a man who will not back down and in measured tone tells them that he sees them as the pit of lying vipers they’ve become. And the news media, despite its never-ending vomit of attacks on Trump at all angles, has no idea that the war is lost for them.

Unless they do precisely what was suggested at today’s press conference, which is that they shape up and report the news, instead of trying to shape the cultural narrative at every turn.

But CNN, MSNBC, etc., et al, heard nothing positive and useful from today’s conference, because they are pathologically centering on the wrong tactics and to admit so would be tantamount to a large slap in their pride.

So they will continue to make tactical mistakes and lose this war with Donald Trump. As they continue to preach, lecture, and launch at every little thing they believe Trump is doing, they shore up the very thing they don’t want him to have—a strong base of supporters who, frankly, have ceased to give a rat’s ass what CNN, MSNBC, et al, have to say anymore.

And as far as that goes, this site has no issue with the news media never becoming better tacticians, but were they to heed Donald Trump’s advice today, that is precisely what would happen.

If you cannot hear wisdom when it is spoken, even if you do not care for who is speaking, then the war you fight is lost to you.

ADDENDUM: If you’d like to see just how shoddy these lying tacticians are, and how their supporters still haven’t a clue what happened yesterday, do take a look at this Washington Post article, and especially the comments. Pathological denial, obsessive defense of ridiculous talking points, high-school level quips and insults, and not one instance of reality addressed as reality. There’s getting played and then there’s this.


The Imbalance of Diversity

Like an acid, forced diversity on a nation eats away at every core component of the various cultures that are being shoved together while being expected to operate on the whole as a homogeneous entity. Geo-political cultural differences do not the whole picture make, but serve as a form of protection for internal cultural attitudes and beliefs. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of years having bred these attitudes and beliefs into any particular culture are not washed away by education, or awareness in such a way that leads to a healthy society. Instead, the internal, genetic cultural beliefs and attitudes are exposed like nerves, having the exoskeleton of their geo-political and social beliefs eroded away by the cancer of diversity.

An imbalance eventually causes the acidity of the final result to rise, to the point that erosion of the entire nation begins.

The politically correct Hivemind thinking and thought policing that exists in a nation that forces diversity is in itself an acidic element, only adding to the overall erosion. No one knows what to say, how to say it, or when to say it when the absurd becomes the norm, but the obvious can no longer be addressed, because to do so pokes at every now-exposed nerve of every culture and, as we have now, any and all special interest groups that believe themselves on par with cultural groups. Feminism, gay rights, transgender rights, et al, become intertwined in the mix, reducing the validity of any and all claims of discrimination based on sheer quantity; people weary of hearing about several hundred wrongs every week and being told that ‘we need to do better.’ This is just human nature. Like a commodity, any value that a culture possessed due to the years it took to solidify that culture are instantly reduced in value, further putting these cultures in the position of taking a more hardlined-stance in both remembering and defending that value, thus cultural difference morph into fragile identity complexes, wherein the least insult is seen as a real threat to that value.

While forced to adjust to extreme cultural differences in the work place and possessing no real freedom of honest expression, America has become a place of passive-aggressive responsibility dodging. Diversity in America has further morphed now into something where everyone yet no one has any right they so deem at any given moment. It is all-but impossible not to offend someone in America today by merely pointing out the benign obvious. This results in dishonest thinking, ‘virtue signalling,’ and attempting to protect other identities and cultures as a way of feeling heroic and useful in a nation which has mired itself in useless, repetitive entertainment and comfort. We have make-work jobs where sociopaths are our bosses, no one can speak honestly, and since every single person’s opinion and differences, reasons for acting out, and dodging responsibility matters, then it is obvious but ignored that none of these things actually matter at all, but are overlooked and excused based on the collective understanding that everything is a lie in the first place.

The pabulum mantra, “Diversity is our strength,” has been repeated enough that the average American has bought into the idea out of sheer guilt and peer pressure. This is despite the fact that most Americans, deep at heart, despise the entire grievance enterprise, as well as the toxin of politically correct speech. Forced diversity has done the opposite to this nation that the mantra claims—it has weakened a once-powerful nation. It has placed an imbalance into our societal equation that now threatens to topple the whole thing, unless it can be once again understood that reality itself cannot be wished into something that it is not. Diversity does not build up and protect the cultural differences that it claims, it merely eats away and erodes anything of value that exists within those cultures. It pits culture against culture, ideology against ideology. Diversity outright demands that we get along while simultaneously sending us to cultural war with one another.

Maddening Modernity: A Platform for the Unwise and Neurotic


Witness it everywhere you look: the neurosis of the modern era. Fear, anxiety, depression, anger, and rage. In our modern society, we promote and celebrate these things, to the point that many Americans believe this is how life is supposed to work. 2016 was, like, totally THE WORST year because David Bowie and Harambe died, also Trump. The sane all sit back with the same looks on their faces as these two fellows above.

I haven’t watched a sitcom in years. The last one I watched was a few years ago when I had a roommate with a television. From time to time we would watch ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ and, ‘The Big Bang Theory.’

Both sitcoms presented people with little or no capability of dealing with reality in any other way than to fetishize the things in life they believed they were owed but could not garner. Both sitcoms glorified deep personal problems but glossed over them with jokes. The group of nerds in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ all pined for a ‘hot’ blond chick across the hall who showed them again and again that they were little more to her than toys to use and, from what I hear, since I stopped watching a long time ago, they further fetishized the whole idea of the nerd getting the ‘hot’ girl to the point that she married one of said nerds.

The episodes of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ that I watched were packed with nothing but complaints and weird ideals about how relationships are supposed to work. But, like ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ most of these ideals had morphed into neuroses so deeply rooted that none of the characters had even the most basic sense of self-awareness. The characters on the show behaved in ways that clearly showed that every up and down they thought was brought on by life’s cruelties were nothing more than the consequences that they deserved for behaving like children. Both sitcoms programmed Millennials (as well as the childish ‘age is just a number’ Gen-Xer) to believe that the external world is the cause of all one’s problems. Like some odd, collective paganism, the programming was pounded away, episode after episode, that by acting in accord with the hive mind thinking, a happy ending could ensue. As though life itself operates on some sort of Bell Curve that gives quarter to explanations for behavior, or circumstances.

The programming of our culture has since reached peak potency.

A friend emailed me recently asking if I was fearful of what Trump is doing to our nation. I was at a bit of a loss for a moment. Though I understand disliking a candidate and his policies, I did not ‘fear’ Obama for eight years. His New World Order ideas, his basic disdain for colonialism, his notions of federalizing the entirety of our nation, his apology tours all over the world, his basic denial, just like the Presidents before him, of the nature of our Republic (we are not a Democracy, despite that politicians, reporters, et al, continue to bark this word like a parrot), never frightened me. What happens will happen. But the neurosis of our modernity has turned many people into anxiety-ridden people, fearing all manner of things that likely will never happen and, if they do, there is always a way to survive and be content. Contentment is internal, and not destroyed by the external world.

Having been fed this steady diet of neuroses masquerading as normal, the result is pandemic of cognitive dissonance, resulting in people who are incapable of seeing Truth beyond their solipsistic viewpoint. These people are our reporters, our TV stars, our Hollywood celebrities, politicians, and almost every visible bloc that we cite as those who serve us as entertainers and inform us of the world around us. But the cognitive dissonance prevents John and Jane Q. Public from accepting the reality of our world so that they might simply turn off these neurotic people and discontinue listening to them, funding them, or otherwise giving them any platform at all with which to continue shoving their own neuroses onto the American public.

Until one can fully admit that he has been fooled by the enemy, he cannot do battle. He remains a slave to the tactics of that enemy, and the sad truth is that it is only pride that causes this. Our televisions have this covered to, as one hears about having pride, as though it were the klaxon call of righteousness rather than the preceding step to a fall, as a constant refrain.

There is no need to take to the streets and burn things down to protest the neurotic leaders of our culture. I have cited this comic more than once, because it is, in fact, the answer to curing many of modernity’s ridiculous neuroses:



News Media is the Enemy

Our modern, mainstream news media is the opposition party, and they are the problem, and the enemy.

Though they’re going to nag us to death with snarky op-eds to the contrary, the proof is on every single black mirror we own, from our TVs to smartphones, these pampered, overpaid would-be vigilantes promote falsehoods, insult their customers and target audiences, undermine the morale of the nation, stoke Manson’s Helter Skelter, and basically behave like spoiled children. Trump mirrors their idiocy with his tweets, and like perfect clockwork, our news media sounds the klaxons of pathetic outrage at his incivilities.

From Fox to CNN, from HuffPo to WaPo, every pixel, every word, everything we’re fed is a tailored message, carefully honed to fit within a narrative. The narrative seeks nothing more than to disrupt. The news is not reported to us, it is created for us.

News Media is our Nemesis, crafted from our own Hubris.  For many people, this is not news in the least. For many others, it seems cognitive dissonance has set in, and turning off the lies seems akin to admitting to having been fooled by them. Our Nemesis counts on this, as we’ve been studied for decades by Nielsen and as of late our own black mirrors. The more we look into them, the more they look right back and note every gesture.

When our news media is confronted with their own antics, the behavior is that of adolescents. As mentioned earlier, they nag us with op-eds, or soft pabulum pieces about how they know they need to ‘do better,’ lacking enough self-awareness to realize that any sane person knows them to be the asses that they’ve shown themselves to be as of late. Others fire off Twitter or Facebook rants, or merely snark from their televised platform.

This is the behavior of our news media and America is expected to not only tolerate it, but to embrace them as the betters that they believe themselves to be, which is preposterous to any sane human being older than 25. While Hollywood preens, soliloquizes, and embarrasses themselves about the Literally Hitler with the orange complexion, the real enemy, the media they all so depend on, divides the nation, with little a care as to the result for the very people paying their extravagant salaries. Life in the back of a limo does not reality make.

Within the extent of the Constitution, it is good for the Trump Administration to continue mirroring the actions of our Nemesis, speaking out against them, and generally berating them. In time, perhaps more will see the enemy for what it has become, and enact consequences in the form of allowing them to speak, but not listening to a word they say.