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As Modernity Becomes More Mad, Humanity Willingly Dismantles the Wrong Thing– Itself

Theocracy, minus the all-important ‘Theo‘, is here. It takes many forms—each and all insane.

Climate science, social justice, anti-racism, acceptance of mental illness as normality, on and on the list goes, your new false gods demand your attention. They demand your fealty. They demand, demand, demand. This is all they are good for. This theocratic tyranny is leftist. It is manic and depressive, and it is mad as a hatter with a tinfoil hat chasing fireflies in a field believing that it chases aliens plotting humanity’s demise at every turn.

To deny the dogmatic tenets of these false gods is to be shamed. Endlessly. It is to be lectured. Endlessly. There is no escape from the constant chatter of these gods. And they are false gods—demons with malformed teeth and jaws that simply cannot stop clicking against themselves, ever vigilant over every little thing that could be a micro- or macro-aggression. These demons turn people, otherwise sensible and perhaps intelligent (perhaps) into the insane zombies that drive any sane person out of their mind. The Walking Dead is not a work of fiction in entirety, it just has the zombies wrong. These demons divide life, difficult enough as it is, into intersectionalities of madness, where every jot and tittle is offensive. Moral imperatives lurk around every bit of dust. Dust itself is likely some form of institutionalized oppression, dreamed up by the Horror of White Man.

Would that we could exorcise them all.

Humanity is being dismantled. Willingly. People say something truthful and wonder if they hurt someone. Or if they offended them. Men feel guilt for being men. Women feel guilt for being women. The aberrant and mentally ill feel no guilt for anything, they merely demand that the sane recognize their own twisted habits and choices as fine and dandy—moral, yet—and normal men and women go along with the charade as though they are somehow helping by dismantling themselves and every normal thing that they’ve ever held dear. Humanity believes that love is being an ally to the sick and ill, but rather than make any attempt to point out the actual sickness so that healing might begin, this twisted love simply encourages more of the behaviors that will further the real problems indefinitely.

It is not love. It is a dopamine-fed selfishness. A Hive mind. What is popular now is disgusting and vile. The sane know this. The weak but sane also know this, but choose to join the Hive, because the herd offers a backhanded protection. Stay within it, follow the rules of the demon gods, and find success. This is understandable. There is no reason to despise those who cannot go against the flow. There is only being strong as individuals, so that the sane but weak might take heart in seeing others who believe the same as they stand up, against the flow, and welcome the disasters that come to them, because they know that what they believe is far more important than escalating a ladder in an office, or courting fame.

To read or watch the news today is to see the dismantling of humanity in real time. Scientism, social scientism, racial scientism, all of these things that people believe have merit are empty vessels—the only thing to be found within them are the pointless but maddening dogmatic tenets of the gods of the Hive mind. These ideas carry no weight. They carry with them madness.

Humanity is dumbed down to the point that it cannot recognize what is false when what it false stands before it, all but declaring that it is not real. So humanity asks ridiculous, circular questions that do nothing. Those whom we call educated ponder that milk is a product of white supremacy. Our educated make claims that yoga pants or form fitting clothes are mucking up our oceans, bodies of water so vast that they cover our entire planet, yet fibers from asspants are ruining them. Recently, Vice President Pence noted that he would not eat dinner alone with a woman who was not his wife. Rather than noting the prudence and common sense of this approach, ‘educated’ people cried out in shrill voices that his belief hurt women.

How does one even begin to address the stupidity of our Modernity? The pieces of it all fly around too fast, there is no way to keep up with the onslaught of moronic ideas that bombard us moment to moment.

Worse, those who should understand the breadth, width, and depth of the coming judgment humanity must face have no spine. Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians—all manner of men and women who ought to (and do) know better continue spouting their pabulum, craving like addicts some lost ideal of How Things Could Be. This is as selfish as the form of ‘love’ that modern humanity has espoused. What they want is comfort. Votes. These men and women desire, above all else, to be liked. To receive attaboys, retweets, votes, favorable comments, notoriety on Talking Head Tv Shows, and all the things that go along with the long-dead American Dream that they believe that somehow being bi-partisan and nice will resurrect.

Lazarus would have laid dead in his grave had Yeshua used the same tactics, ‘reaching across the aisle’ to the hand of Death, getting consensus opinions on how or when he should raise up Lazarus, and wondering if in any way his act might be considered racist or hurt the feelings of someone whose loved one He did not raise that day. Thankfully, for Lazarus and kin, Yeshua used His authority, spoke clearly and plainly, and demanded that Death hand over that which He rightfully had ownership.

While the leftist (even a bright, talented one such a Brett Easton Ellis) believes that his system holds within it the roots of compassion, openness, tolerance, et al., it is the philosophy of the right, conservatism, etc., that has within it time-tested, perennial systems that work. Time and again, these systems work. But like any system, the right can be gamed by con-men and has been for decades, so that now we are at a point that far too many who lean left do not see conservatives or Republicans—they see Rightwing ‘fascists’ who only want to take, take, take. They see the spineless Paul Ryans of the right, or the Merovingian Frat Boys like George W. Bush.

In other words, they see hollow men. And as such the belief systems of the right and conservatism are anathema. Is this because these systems espouse cruelty? Do they really take and never give? Hardly. It simply rightfully disgusts the person leaning left to see those who claim the high ground act out as cowards, turncoats, and hypocrites. The do-nothings of the right continue hammering out several-thousand word op-ed nonsense by the boatload lamenting the breakup of the Republican party, modern conservatism, etc., and often blame The Great Orange One in the Oval Office. They lecture like schoolmarms, harangue and chastise those who would dare understand that these things need to be broken, cracked in half, exposed, and rebuilt.

And so many on the right read them or listen to them, clucking along like chickens in a hen house.

Thus our madness of Modernity is complete, as no side can be counted on for anything, other than posturing and the ever-popular virtue signalling. While dismantling itself, humanity argues with itself from the two sides. Any comment thread on any political or social op-ed today points this out, as people name-call, insult, and snark their way toward resolving nothing and less.

And no man needs nothing.

That which cannot continue forever will not, and thus our system needs to be brought down. This is not anarchy. A broken bone must be reset. A body must undergo horrible, painful treatments to rid itself of cancer. The sane must revolt against the insane, and stand strong, no matter the consequences. Those who care a whit about civilization have to come to terms with the fact that our Dream was a nightmare all along, and that we will continue in our misery until that nightmare is fully exposed, no matter how uncomfortable this act will be. The insane control the narrative, thus that narrative should be ignored entirely, and the sane should walk forward, knowing that the high ground is not given to them.

It is taken.


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