Don’t Fear the Deep State?

Why does anyone listen to the morons typing out such nonsense in our ‘news’ media?

Belief in the Deep State might start out as healthy distrust – especially in countries where coups really do take place – but once you start viewing the public sector as an enemy, it rarely ends well. Look what happened in Turkey: under Prime Minister (and then president) Recep Tayyip Ergogan, belief in the Deep State spiralled into a feverish conspiracy theory. At this point, virtually any public employee, from schoolteacher to military general, is suspected of being a stealth member of the Gulenists, the shadowy Islamist organization that Mr. Erdogan believes has organized the entire bureaucracy in a plot against him. In response, he has now purged tens of thousands of public employees, jailed thousands and wrecked much of his country’s education system, justice system and independent public administration.

Turkey? This “journalist” seems to be serious. Not to mention, the public sector is the enemy, and trusting them rarely ends well. A conspiracy only need involve more than one person, and noting the obvious, all the data in front of everyone’s eyes who is not some sanctimonious “journalist” is not conspiracy theory. It is simply seeing what is happening.

The deep state is not America’s only hope. America is not Turkey, or any other nation on the planet, America is America. No matter how much our “journalists” would like to pretend otherwise, America is exceptional in so many ways, thus the deep state emerging as its true self is by no means healthy, nor is it a savior.

Such nonsense.


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