Work Out Your Own Salvation

I’m going to do something I rarely do on this site, or any other place in my life: give you some advice.

Work out your own salvation. Think for yourself.

Everywhere we look now, there’s nothing but a bombardment of ill-informed, often dangerous, conjectures, screeds, and opinions about everything under the sun. Given this world of instant information, selfies, YouTube Channels, and social media ‘stardom,’ millions of people believe that their place in this universe is about ten thousand times bigger than it actually is in the first place. We are blips on a radar; there and gone in terms of this universe. But our Modernity has convinced these people to see an illusion. Like a funhouse mirror, they see themselves as larger than life.

You can see it in the headlines of articles, op-eds, and think-pieces, from blogs to CNN, the Hubris and self-importance. “How this and that came to be,” definitive, not interested in picking apart the hypothesis or conjectured opinion it will put forth. “These things/thoughts/words are bad, and that matters. Here’s why.” Again, no interest in critically analyzing the conjecture and opinion it puts for, only in lecturing you.

We’re told constantly who the right is, who the left is, the alt-right, alt-left, we’re told what a white supremacist is, and what a leftist fascist is; told whom and what are our friends, and who shares our views, or whose view we should choose to share. If you sift the opinions from all sides carefully, the similarities are obvious, and all sides that are yelling the loudest are generally twisting reality to fit their narratives. I don’t really know who any of these people are, not really, no matter how many make the attempt to define them.

From the television to our smartphones, there is nothing but a false reality. It can be imagined a lot like this:


The signal to noise ratio today is off the charts in favor of the noise. No matter where we look, someone is lecturing us, telling us what to think, how to think it, and when to think it, thus no ally is trustworthy, until proven so. It’s like Legion has assumed control, en masse, of so many that would otherwise be trustworthy, and has turned them inward, driving them so far into themselves, their pride and Hubris, as to render millions unable to even so much as recognize the lies being spewed forth by them at all hours of the day and night time.

Activism is Envy and Hubris manifest, and it is the religion of the day, the undeniable opiate of masses of people possessed of the moralization of everything from genitals to skin tone; they are addicted, in every sense of the word, to righting the wrongs they perceive in this world, a world that’s very Laws proscribe anything at all like equality, the thing they believe they seek, a virus that’s infected their minds via all the electronics we all worship so willingly. They cannot be reached. The conspiracies these millions of activists see are the things of madness, and as such, the temptation to become little, tiny gods has consumed so many, to the point that lecturing any and everyone about the weaknesses the activists see within all of mankind is no more than the first step in manifesting the dream they have, the one the virus programmed into them, of a world without prejudice and slight. There is no last step in this process, either. It will last until every, tiny slight or envy is met with the punishment that is deemed fit for the crime.

The activists are everywhere, and that is patently obvious. From right to left, to the ones in the middle, the activists have distributed among them their hivemind. One of the most powerful weaknesses that humanity is rife with is social in nature; we all desire to be liked and appreciated by the group, not the other way around. And we all, regardless of heritage, desire to rebel against anything that robs us of social status. Thus the activists invaded every social circle with this weapon of peer guilt, and slowly, over decades, convinced millions of others that their moral views and principles were outdated, wrongheaded, and anything but ‘enlightened.’ And the trick worked. It worked so damnably well that today, witness the millions of words wasted on trying to remember and find the things that give life meaning, that constitute love, healthy relationships, health in general, goodness, decency, kindness, evil, etc…. We are, quite literally, lost.

Yet we continue to listen to the same words, twisted around, spun, made more palatable to our ears, as though we’ve never heard them before. But we have, since The Garden.

Hubris and Pride tell us we can be like God, but God and humility tell us that we are already there, we merely die to that Hubris we so love, and embrace the Promise given to us in the first place. Making such a timely decision requires a state of mind that is hard to attain in our mad Modernity; a silence, an understanding of what Truth is, and how it transcends the noise of Evil. But Truth doesn’t often yell at us, it mostly waits. I’ve never found it by wandering too much within the noise of opinions and conjecture that flood our thoughts at every turn. One cannot even buy breakfast without some talking head on a screen somewhere behind us telling us what we ought to think during the rest of our day.

The only way to boost the signal to noise ratio in this mad world is to squelch the interference. As Clint Eastwood said, when listening to our gut, “Don’t listen to nobody. Nobody knows diddly.”

Seems about the only way to make it through these mad times is to shut out the interference and think for ourselves. The insane are now running the hospital, and why listen to them?


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