A Brand New Site!

Politics is out the window. The madness has reached an apex. There seems little point now in pointing out the obvious insanity that abounds.

I desire to do something more useful. Something that perhaps can help people (myself included) deal with this mad, mad, mad, mad Modernity.


Praxis Katakta.

Still in its infant stages, but it will grow quickly.

An excerpt from the first post:

Are you like most people? Are you worried? Do you fret? Do you know why?

I’m serious on that last question. Ask yourself over and again: do you know why you’re worried, fretting, or fearful?

If you’re like I used to be, you don’t know. Or perhaps you do know, but you’re not admitting it to yourself.

What we’re taught in our Modernity is that facts, information, data, these things are the most important benchmarks and barometers by which we should measure our world. But data is not wisdom, neither are ‘facts.’ Facts can be fudged, or changed over time completely. Data, as Chuck Missler has noted, can be tortured enough that it will tell you anything you ask. Information is information, nothing more. Without context, information is useless.

I hope you enjoy the site. I’m already enjoying the change of pace and tone.


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